Vedantha Agro is a not-for-profit international development organization of  Vedantha Group that uses an innovative human and media platform for community engagement to improve lives of rural communities and better agricultural practices across India and South Asia .

We partner with local public, private and civil society organizations to share knowledge on improved agricultural practices, livelihoods, health, and nutrition, using  human mediated dissemination. In a controlled evaluation, the approach was more cost effective and uptake of new   practices  several times higher compared to traditional practices.


We are currently implementing projects in collaboration with over 20 partner organizations across 9 states in India and parts of Africa.

Since 2011 and as of March 2015, we have reached over 70,000 individuals across 200 villages, for demonstrating best agricultural practices. These were given by 35 community members trained by us and demos screened in an interactive format by 150 trained community members.