Health Benefits Of

1. Cardamom has carminative properties that help in the digestion process. Packed with antibacterial properties, cardamom can easily fight the germs that cause

2. Cardamom has powerful antioxidants that help replenish vitamins lost during an anemic ondition.

3. Asthma sufferers can use cardamom to get relief from symptoms like coughing, wheezing, hortness of breath.

4. Cardamom contains IC3 and DIM, the phytochemicals that arc well-known cancer fighters.

5. Being rich in antioxidants, cardamom also aids detoxif ication by removing toxins from the body.

6. Cardamom is good for the kidneys as it promotes urination and removes calcium and urea accumulated in the kidneys.

7. Cardamom works as a warm digestive tonic that can deal with indigestion, flatulence and acidity that can reduce your appetite.

8. Packed with minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium, cardamom is good for your heart.

9. Cardamom is a potent tonic and stimulant that prepares the body to fight sexual dysfunctions, such as impotency.

Health Benefits Of Cloves

1. Soothes Toothache

2. Stops Bad Breath

3. Treats Nausea & Vomiting

4. Improves Digestion

5. Relieves Joint Pain

6. Improves respiratory Conditions

7. Treats Headaches 
8. Eases Earaches

 Cures Acne 

10.Fights Stress

Health Benefits Of Garlic

1. Lowers cholesterol level

2. Reduces weight

3. Inhibits cancer

4. Combat allergies

Treats cough

Health Benefits Of Hing

1. Treats stomach problems

2. Cures respiratory disorders

3. Relieves menstrual issues

4. Soothes headaches

5. Alleviates toothaches

6. Eases ear aches

7. Treats colic pain

8. Prevents cancer

9. Treats impotency

Heals Insect bites and stings

Health Benefits Of Lemon grass

1. Help Digestion

2. Fights Cancer

3. Controls cholesterol levels

4. Cleanses and detoxifies

5. Heals colds and flu

6. Keeps skin healthy

7. Reduces arthritis pain

8. Benefits new mothers

9. Reduces body odor

Fights depression

Health Benefits Of Turmeric

1. Relieves Arthritis

2. Controls diabetes

3. Immunity booster

4. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

5. Improves digestion

Health Benefits Of Thulsi Tea

1. Promotes healthy liver function

2. Prevents radiation poisoning

3. Lowers blood glucose levels

4. Lowers cholesterol

5. Reduce risk of stroke

6. Reduces stress

7. Helps slow down the aging process

8. Has antibacterial properties

9. Lowers fevers

10. Helps fight cancer

11. Boosts immune system function

12. Increases energy and stamina

Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is natural herb help that is used across the globe as a spice. Due to the various health benefits of ginger, this herb also is considered a virtual medicine chest. Various studies have proven that gingers is highly effictive for treating various health problems.

1. Treats morning sickness

2. Controls diabetes

3. Settles upset stomach

4. Promotes heart health

5. Prevents cold & flu

6. Prevents cancer